Man linked to teen rape

LAWRENCEVILLE - Blood splatter from a 15-year-old rape victim was found on Darrian Bryant's shoes, a Gwinnett County police detective testified Thursday in a preliminary hearing.

Magistrate Mark Layng found sufficient evidence to bind the charges of rape, aggravated assault, kidnapping and child molestation for possible grand jury indictments in a crime spree at East Parke, a Stone Mountain neighborhood where Bryant, 17, and the victim lived.

Layng also bound over two battery and burglary charges in East Parke and a burglary charge at Cedarwood Drive in Lilburn, which is about six miles from the neighborhood.

A pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes were discovered in Bryant's room when police searched his house on burglary warrants, Detective Roy Mangrum said. "When we got the results back, the blood on the tennis shoes matched the DNA of the 15-year-old victim."

Mangrum detailed the grueling assault on the teen, a student at Parkview High School, where Bryant also attended.

The victim came home from school and immediately encountered a large black man who put a bag over her head and tied her hands behind her back, Mangrum said.

The assailant entered the home the same way he did in the other burglaries on Lakebrooke Run by forcing open a downstairs back window, the detective said. Lakebrooke Run is a street in the subdivision where Bryant and most of the victims reside. The burglaries started in June and culminated with the rape in March.

"He took her into a room and raped her. Then he made her go upstairs into a bedroom to look for money," Mangrum said.

The assailant pushed the victim down the flight of stairs headfirst, then ran her head through a lamp and beat her with a vase until she was unconscious, Mangrum said.

"She had a 3- to 4-inch gash on her head."

On cross-examination, Charles Wrinkle, Bryant's court-appointed attorney, asked Mangrum if a rape kit was performed.

"A rape kit was done, but it was not a full rape kit because the injuries were extensive," Mangrum said.

The detective said there was no DNA evidence in the kit linking to Bryant.

"Did you ask him how he got the blood on his shoes?" Wrinkle asked.

"He said they were his fighting shoes," Mangrum answered.

In the burglary and assault, Mangrum testified that Bryant assaulted - physically, not sexually - two women whom he had earlier burglarized.

One assault took place at

3 a.m., when the victim awoke to find a large black man standing over her in her second-story bedroom. She was struck in the head and face and believed to have been thrown through her second-story window and landed on a bush below, Mangrum said.

Police found broken glass and evidence someone landed in the bush. The victim had severe trauma and didn't remember how she got outside when she was standing by her neighbor's front door, Assistant District Attorney Dawn Taylor said after the hearing.

On the second assault and burglary, the victim lived next door to Bryant.

Before the assault, "she saw him and did not know him," Mangrum said. In both assaults, the victims described the assailant as a large black man wearing a skull cap with the eye openings cut out, Mangrum said.

The assault on the next-door neighbor occurred while she was getting ready for work, the detective said. The victim told her attacker she was pregnant, and he stopped hitting her.

Police had found a book bag in the woods behind Bryant's house with school papers with his name and a similar skull cap. Bryant had been arrested and expelled from Parkview when authorities found a weapon and marijuana in his locker. They also found electronic equipment including a Fuji digital camera, a Sony digital camera, an iPod and a Sony game unit.

The Sony digital camera, according to testimony, belonged to the battered, pregnant neighbor. The rest of the equipment belonged to a burglary victim on Cedarwood Drive in Lilburn, a burglary that police initially didn't suspect was related to this case.

Last month, Bryant's attorney waived the preliminary hearing on five burglary charges on Lakebrooke Run.

Taylor said the district attorney will try the burglaries, the assaults and school charges in one case.

"It's a crime spree," she said.