Student jailed, charged after making threats

ATHENS - A University of Georgia student who was committed after making alarming statements to a professor and confronting police officers with a gun has been jailed.

Brandon Ginyard, 27, of Los Angeles, was taken to East Central Regional Hospital in Augusta for psychological evaluation after the April 30 confrontation and was released into police custody Monday.

He was booked into Clarke County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.

On April 30, a judge signed the commitment order and search warrants after authorities said Ginyard made threatening statements during a meeting that morning with the academic director of UGA's Terry College of Business.

Ginyard was agitated and ended the meeting by telling the administrator, ''Graduation doesn't matter. I will either be in jail or dead by May 11,'' police reports say.

The incident came less than a month after the fatal shootings at Virginia Tech, where a mentally disturbed student killed 32 others and himself.