Pair shoplift perfume bottles

•DULUTH - A man and woman were seen by an ULTA cosmetics store manager Thursday afternoon burglarizing the store located at 3855 Venture Drive.

According to a police report, the manager saw a black man and woman take a number of perfumes from the shelves and conceal them in their clothing.

When the manager confronted the man, telling him to reveal what he had taken, the man told the manager she would have to reach in his pockets and get the items herself.

The man and woman then fled in a white van with approximately $1,000 worth of fragrances.

Woman, 25, charged

with public indecency

•NORCROSS - Police arrested a 25-year-old woman Thursday after she was seen flashing customers in the parking lot of the 6075 Singleton Road Citgo Food Mart in Norcross.

Liz Ramiraz was found by police running around the parking lot wearing only a towel around her waist and a button up shirt.

According to a police report, the woman removed the towel and was exposing herself to people in the area.

After police repeatedly told Ramiraz to cover up and sit down, she was arrested and taken to the Gwinnett County Jail.

Ramiraz was charged with public indecency.

Braselton police seize cash

•BRASELTON - Braselton police seized $21,000 in cash after stopping a speeding vehicle Sunday.

Police reports state the vehicle was moving 18 mph over the speed limit on Interstate 85. When a police dog alerted on the car, officers discovered $21,000 in cash behind the rear seat.

The driver and passenger, both from Delaware, told police they were unaware the money was in the car.

The cash was placed in the Braselton Police Department's property and evidence room. No arrests were made.

Man charged with theft

•BRASELTON - Braselton police recovered a Sig Sauer pistol and holder April 30 that was reported stolen from Walton County.

A burned-out tag light ultimately led to the arrest of Stuart Scott Brooks, 25, of Dacula. When officers stopped Stuart's vehicle, they discovered a loaded Colt revolver between the front seats, the reported stolen Sig Sauer and holder, as well as two credit cards in another name.

Brooks was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, theft by receiving stolen property and open container of alcohol while operating a vehicle.

- From staff reports