More Georgia juniors pass graduation test

ATLANTA - More of Georgia's high school juniors passed the state's High School Graduation Test this year than last year, according to results released Friday by the state Department of Education.

Overall, students who took the test for the first time this spring showed gains on the science and social studies tests and maintained high achievement levels on the English language arts and mathematics tests, a news release said.

The pass rate in English was 98 percent, and the pass rate for mathematics was 95 percent.

Pass rates in science and social studies both increased by two points from last year, with about 78 percent of students passing the science test and 91 percent of students passing the social studies test.

Results show black and Hispanic students have been performing better in all subjects since 2003. Black students' scores have increased by seven points in science and eight points in social studies, and Hispanic students' scores have increased by 14 points in science, nine points in social studies and eight points in English language arts.

System-level results will be released next week, and school-level scores will be available by June 1.