Letters to the Editor

Perspective needs more liberal views with country shifting toward Democrats

Even as President Bush's approval rating is at 28 percent - and the Republican-controlled Congress was even lower - the Democrat-controlled Congress approval ratings presently stand above 50 percent and are climbing.

Yet the editorial pages of the Gwinnett Daily Post still continues to exclusively enable Republican pontificators like David Broder, Cal Thomas and Bill O'Reilly.

Time to face reality, GDP. You really betray your readership with your slanted editorials.

- H. David Hyatt


Amnesty for law-breakers not an immigration solution

American citizens are fully aware of the devastating effects on our nation caused by the so-called one-time path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in 1986 by the late President Reagan. We must never forget and never accept a repeat of any such legislation.

By any name, granting illegal immigrants what they have violated our national borders and federal immigration laws to obtain is amnesty. Securing American borders is a sworn duty of our elected federal government.

The citizens of America fully understand the meaning of the words "guest" and "temporary" and that using these buzz words to label a path to permanent residence in the United States is not fooling anyone.

Our federal government needs to try the one thing that has not been tried to alleviate the more than 30-year-old crisis of illegal immigration. Secure American borders, begin to enthusiastically and equally apply the rule of law and watch the results as illegal immigration and illegal employment begins to fade away. Attrition through enforcement is the moderate and workable way to initiate immigration reform.

The United States should also withdraw from the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States. This agreement is being "ironed out" behind closed doors without congressional oversight and without congressional approval. The Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement will lay the foundation for a borderless North American Union and negate the national sovereignty of the United States.

- Jimmy Orr Jr.

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