Letters to the Editor

Problem with pollen

nothing to sneeze at

It's springtime y'all and love is in the air! At least the trees are having a love fest. First, it was the Bradford pears blooming with rare beauty and a smell that would gag a maggot. Love stinks when it comes to pear trees. Then the Georgia pines got into the act with a yellow love potion that dusted everything in sight including my dogs. And there's all the other tree pollen that you can't even see that affects us.

I know it's been said that a young man's fancy is supposed to turn to love in the spring, but if you're suffering from tree allergies you may be love-sick already. It's hard to be romantic when you're sneezing and blowing your nose every 10 seconds. The ladies expect to hear sweet nothings in their ear, not "Ah-Ah-Ah, Choooo!

- Deryl Duncan


Bill should apply

to all homeowners, not just landlords

This is a response to "Unsightly housing spurs landlord bill," March 6, Page 1A. The bill should not single out landlords but target all homeowners.

As a Gwinnett County property owner and taxpayer, many of the homes where my property is located are in better condition than the properties that the owners occupy. The bill will essentially treat property owners differently than those living in vs. those not living in their property.

Are we placing a different burden on property owners?

- Lisa George

Stone Mountain

Voters should get to decide Sunday sales

I find it ironic that the state Legislature would deny Georgians the opportunity to vote on whether to allow Sunday sales of alcohol. I guess the military, which has a number of bases in Georgia, decided not to ask for permission.

Beer, wine and liquor can be purchased on Sunday on any base in the state that has a commissary or package store.

Active-duty and retired personnel and their families are free to purchase what and when they want, a privilege our elected officials decided they didn't want us voting on.

- Bill Elder

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