Barrow police reports

Students face drug charges

•WINDER - Students ages 12 and 13 were arrested at Russell Middle School on March 23. The 12-year-old was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and the 13-year-old was charged with intent to distribute marijuana.

The suspected marijuana was discovered while a police dog was inspecting classrooms. During the inspection, the 12-year-old's teacher watched the student move an item from his pants to his shoe, then from the shoe to the teacher's trash can. Winder police officers implicated the two students through a note in which the suspected marijuana was wrapped.

The 13-year-old was transported to the Youth Detention Center in Gainesville.

4 men invade apartment

•WINDER - A man told Winder police officers he was laying in bed reading the Bible on March 23 when his Wood Avenue apartment was invaded.

The man told police that four men kicked in his apartment door, came to the bedroom and demanded money. The occupant ran outside for help, police reports said, and one of the invaders hit him in the face with a piece of wood, the victim told police.

The victim said he knew one of the men, police reports said. The invaders were not located.

- From wire reports