Commissioners reject two cell phone towers

LAWRENCEVILLE - Curtis Johnson has spent a lot of money making his backyard his sanctuary.

He put in a pool and plants. But with a proposed cell phone tower that would have hovered more than 100 feet above his tree line, Johnson was worried that his sanctuary would be ruined.

"I tried to make it a place to get away," he said. "There are 50- to 60-foot tall trees. It would have been towering over everything else."

County commissioners on Tuesday unanimously rejected a bid by T-Mobile to put the 185-foot tower on Old Peachtree Road, and another request that would have allowed a 184-foot tower on Bethesda Church Road.

A third request, to put a 199-foot T-Mobile tower on Sweetgum Road, was tabled until April 10. Sarran Marshall, who spoke on behalf of T-Mobile at the commission meeting, did not return a phone call seeking comment about the decisions.

Johnson said he was happy that the commissioners agreed with his assessment and that of neighbors who said the cell phone tower did not belong in the predominantly residential neighborhood. Wayne Mock, a neighbor, said the entire community had been concerned.

"We feel very good," he said. "We're very relieved, quite honestly."