Letters to the Editor

War in Iraq distracts us from real conflict

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas' column ("Iraq War part of larger battle for freedom," March 20, Perspective) led me to wonder: What planet has Thomas been on for the past three years?

In going to war in Iraq, the Bush administration allowed us to be diverted from the battle front against the real perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks: Afghanistan.

While al-Qaida leaders still elude us in the remote mountains along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the bulk of our military force is enmeshed in a vicious civil war in Iraq.

The costs in lives, injury and money soar with no end in sight in Iraq, while the instability created there has empowered Iran and threatens to provoke an even larger regional conflict between Sunnis and Shiites.

Thomas grossly understates the shortcomings of President Bush's decisions in Iraq. A more accurate characterization would be "profound geopolitical blunders" driven by the imperial arrogance of Cheney and Rumsfeld guiding Bush's inept decisions.

Forget about Thomas' "springtime in Iraq" analogy. The chaotic situation in Iraq is the result of misfeasance on a massive scale by an administration that has led our nation badly astray.

- Steve Reilly


Critics can't oppose the war and also support our troops

To say you oppose the war in Iraq but support the troops fighting there is a contradiction, to say the least. The troops are in Iraq to accomplish a military mission as directed by a commander in chief who gets his advice from the Joint Chiefs of Staff - not from a bunch of congressional armchair generals for whom a little knowledge is dangerous.

So if you support the troops, you support what they are doing there. Otherwise, you are not supporting them; you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. This is the definition of treason.

Despite all the homefront cries of despair, troop morale is high in Iraq. The vast majority think they are doing something worthwhile. Some politicans have spoken of lives being "wasted" in Iraq.

To withdraw without accomplishing our military mission will truly have wasted 3,000-plus American lives - just as over 58,000 were wasted in Vietnam due to a liberal press and newsmen such as Walter Cronkite who falsely said the enemy's Tet Offensive has lost the war for us.

Withdrawl advocates are seeking the same outcome as al-Qaida, to get U.S. forces out of Iraq. That ought to tell you something.

- Jay Wagner

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