Berkeley Lake to put up deer crossing warnings

BERKELEY LAKE - City officials voted Thursday night to purchase and install four deer crossing signs for Berkeley Lake.

Council members differed on where the signs should be placed for maximum benefit.

Mayor Lois Salter said if the signs are placed on Gwinnett County roads, the county would pay for their installation. She suggested the signs be placed at three entrance points to the city.

"There are deer everywhere in our city, so I don't think one location is better than another," Salter said. "We can let people know that there are deer in Berkeley Lake and that we want them to be careful."

Councilman Walter Anderson said the signs need to be placed where the deer appear in the road most often, such as on Ridge Road. Councilwoman Debbie Guthrie said Ridge Road is especially problematic because speeding is common on that road and the city greenspace area is close by.

While the purchase of the four signs was decided, the locations are yet to be determined.

In other business, council members recently adopted an ordinance regulating on-street parking in the city.

The ordinance will go into effect April 1. Residents can read the specifics of the new guidelines on the city's

Web site at www.berkeley-lake.ga.us.