Delta posts narrower loss

of $109 million in January

•ATLANTA - Delta Air Lines Inc., which is operating under bankruptcy protection, said Friday that it narrowed its loss in January to $109 million.

The loss for the 31-day period, which was equivalent to 55 cents a share, was reported in a monthly operating report to the bankruptcy court. It compared to a loss of $300 million for the same month a year ago.

Excluding reorganization items, the Atlanta-based company said it lost $115 million in January.


U.S., EU reach deal that would give

carriers more freedom to choose routes

•WASHINGTON - European companies would be allowed larger stakes in U.S. airlines under a tentative agreement reached Friday between the U.S. and European Union. It also would give carriers more freedom to choose trans-Atlantic routes and potentially lead to lower fares.

The agreement, announced by the Transportation Department, would allow European airlines to fly from anywhere in the EU to any point in the U.S., and vice versa. For example, it would end restrictions on the number of airlines allowed to fly between the U.S. and London's Heathrow Airport, one of the world's busiest. Only four carriers - United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic - now serve that market.

Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters said the agreement ''will offer more choice and convenience to American consumers.''

Stocks fall amid rise in yen

•NEW YORK - Stocks stumbled in the final session of a tumultuous week Friday as the yen rallied against the dollar and concerns about the U.S. economy still dogged investors after Tuesday's huge drop. The Dow Jones industrials logged their worst weekly performance in more than four years.

The Dow, as it had Thursday, poked tentatively into positive territory Friday before retreating as the yen furthered its gains and investors failed to shake their unease.

- From wire reports