Linder to co-chair bipartisan water caucus

While his home state suffers drought, U.S. Rep. John Linder has joined four colleagues in Washington to form a new bipartisan Congressional Water Caucus.

Linder, a Republican from Duluth, will co-chair the caucus with Reps. Jim Costa, D-California, George Radanovich, R-California, Bart Stupak, D-Michigan and Grace Napolitano, D-California, the chairwoman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water and Power.

"Water-related issues have been of interest to me for many years," Linder said. "In fact, I wrote an article in 1978 where I predicted that one of the two major challenges for our country in the 21st century would be providing enough fresh water for our booming population. Just last year, the U.S. population exceeded 300 million people, placing a tremendous burden on our nation's water supply."

Linder said the establishment of the bipartisan caucus will allow congress members to have a meaningful educational venue and forum on water issues. The aim will be to provide timely, scientific information and dialogue about water resources and water use to advance the science and knowledge that are necessary to deal with 21st century water challenges.

"We cannot wait another 10 or 20 years to get serious about meeting the demand for clean water," Linder said. "My colleagues on the new bipartisan Congressional Water Caucus recognize this, and are committed to facing the challenges that lie ahead. It is my intention that the Water Caucus act as a clearinghouse for water resources experts, scientists and academics, to communicate, coordinate and provide solutions to our nation's most pressing water issues."

Linder greets service

academy appointees

Last weekend, Linder spent time greeting the local students he has chosen to go the nation's military academies.

"I have said many times that nominating these fine young men and women to the United States service academies is one of my favorite duties as a member of Congress," he said. "These young people are going to receive a world class education and will receive the necessary preparation to become the leaders for tomorrow."

The appointees gathered in the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center with their families and shared their excitement about leaving for the academies this week.

"The dedication of these young people inspires me every year," Linder said. "With the threats confronting our nation today, this cannot be an easy decision for them to make. Yet, despite this, they choose to serve and defend our freedoms from the tyranny that works to destroy it. I am very proud of them, and I know that they will serve the United States and our community with honor and distinction."

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