Votes of no confidence a good idea

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recently avoided it, thanks to some Republican maneuvering. But the vote of no confidence Democrats attempted with him got me thinking.

What I thought was: Why should Congress have all the fun? There are plenty of people and things I have no confidence in. I just never thought to vote on them. So while Gonzales was spared, the following people and entities should not be.

Metro traffic. I have absolutely zero confidence in reaching a destination in the greater metro area without figuring a 30- to 45-minute cushion into my travel plans.

Once you miss a flight despite leaving four hours early on a weekday morning, you never take driving in Atlanta for granted again. Rush hour is bad in all major metropolitan areas, but the thing here is you're just as likely to get hung up at 9 p.m. as you are at 9 a.m.

Network TV. There is always more than one way of looking at something. In this case, I can say I have no confidence in the networks to give us quality programming or every confidence that, when possible, they will give us schlock. A world where "According to Jim" lives and "Arrested Development" does not is a world that inspires little faith.

Larry King. The host of CNN's "Larry King Live" will interview Paris Hilton on Wednesday, the first interview with Hilton since her release from jail. I have no confidence that King will be any more coherent than the hotel heiress.

The thank-you nod. Where has it gone? It's an unwritten rule, but one I follow religiously: If someone lets you merge in front of them in traffic, you give them a courtesy nod. But around here, you're just as likely to see a different symbol. I don't mind letting you in, I just want to be recognized for my magnanimous nature. I'd do the same for you.

Guys named Mitt. Some may look at Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign and ask: Are we ready for a Mormon president? I, however, look at it and ask: Can we really get behind a guy named Mitt? If that happened, could President Sparky be far behind?

Tank tops. Unless you're a lifeguard, there isn't a job you could do wearing a tank top that would inspire me to have confidence in you. There's a reason waiters, salesmen and bankers wear full-service shirts.

My new driver. Bought an oversized driver, one of those with a head as big as a horse, in hopes of improving my golf game. But I have no confidence that it will.

Mainly because I also have a vote of no confidence for its operator as well.

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