Letters to the Editor

HOT lanes cater to richest among us So, a part of the publicly funded highway, high-occupancy toll lanes, will be set aside for those affluent enough to pay a bribe, and the price will be set so as to keep out the riff-raff.

This is a new watermark in the pay-to-play society. The French aristocracy would approve.

Dean Poirier


Public roads serve more people than Brain Train would If I owned a gas-guzzling SUV (and I don't), it's no one's business if I drive it or not. Whatever happened to freedom in this country? Free markets should reign.

I support tax-funded highways, but not tax-funded trains, because highways help move many more times the people than any train will ever do. And they go to many more places people want to go to than trains will ever do.

From Georgia Tech to Lilburn, residential neighborhoods dominate. Who in Gwinnett, Barrow, Oconee or Clarke counties works anywhere close to the train route, except mainly university types?

Should we raise Barrow property taxes on 70,000 people to subsidize 500 Barrow people on a train? Or should we invest in better roads to help 70,000 move more places?

To me, that is a no-brainer.

Ken Young


When illegals get amnesty, they keep asking for more The deeply flawed 1986 amnesty resulted in well over 3 million illegals becoming legal. Many of these former illegals became citizens, and between high reproductive rates, generous family reunification rules and massive fraud, reportedly resulted in well over 15 million additional and unplanned citizens being added to our population. The political influence of these people is substantial, and no one should be surprised that they routinely demand another amnesty for their family members and fellow countrymen.

The new Senate-proposed amnesty for 12- to 20-plus million illegal aliens would certainly result in a few years in over 45-50 million new citizens, virtually all of whom, no surprise here, would soon demand still another amnesty. If we have another amnesty, it is likely that no future amnesties would be demanded because all immigration laws would by then effectively be null and void. If enacted, this McCain-Kennedy-Chambliss-Isakson amnesty legislation will likely put us over the "tipping point" where we will have open borders and no immigration laws.

Is this what we really want? Is our U.S. citizenship and our national sovereignty to be traded for votes and cheap labor? Ernest Wade

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