Grayson withdraws Britt Road proposal

GRAYSON - The Grayson City Council unanimously agreed Monday to withdraw a proposal which would have looked into developing possible residential plans for 75 acres near Britt Street.

Mayor Jim Hinkle began by asking the council to withdraw the petition for the proposal.

"I don't see any reason to proceed at this time because of lack of interest," Hinkle said. "If the residents don't want to do anything about it, why should we do it? There is zero interest in it."

The motion was presented by Mayor Pro-Tem Tammy Shumate and was passed without prejudice, which means that the matter could still come up in the future.

"We don't want to do anything that would adversely affect your property," Hinkle told about 30 homeowners but then added, "there's no way to stop change ... you can't just roll up the sidewalks."

Hinkle asked the residents, many of whom showed up for the recent planning and zoning meeting, for suggestions on what they might like to see done on Britt Street. They responded with several suggestions, mostly having to do with traffic problems on the street.

Several homeowners suggested the construction of speed humps and stop signs, widening of the road, building sidewalks, placing a left-turn signal at Rosebud Road and Grayson Highway, and making the street one-way.

"I would recommend that Britt Street be one way," said homeowner Linda Turner. "It would eliminate the widening of the street and building of sidewalks."

Another homeowner, Linda Roberts, said making the street one-way is not going to stop drivers from speeding on the road. She also urged council members to keep residents informed about proposed changes to the area.

The council also extended its R-4 zoning moratorium for building new houses until Aug. 1 until a new planning and development ordinance can be approved. This ordinance was tabled until the July meeting.

In other business:

•The First Baptist Church of Grayson is now the proud owner of Church Street, where the church is located. The City Council awarded the bid for purchase of the road by the church for $1,125. A church spokesman said they would use the property to keep drivers from using the area as a cut-through street.

•The council agreed to spend $110 to buy U.S. flags to place on the graves of veterans buried in the Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery.

•The council approved an increase in the city's annual pledge from $1,000 to $2,500 to Partnership Gwinnett that Hinkle said was justified because of the city's increased population.

•The council agreed to approve a 25-foot grading easement to the Parkside at Gwinnett to include an agreement for landscaping between the developer and the city.