Buford school officials discuss plans for accommodating growth

BUFORD - Buford Board of Education members met Friday to discuss plans to accommodate growing enrollment and technological advances.

Five new modular classrooms are already in place at Buford Elementary school. At Buford Academy, the former playground and basketball areas have been removed, and a pad for the new school facility is already in place. Architectural drawings for the Buford High School addition are complete, and Charles Black Construction will review the drawings before soliciting bids and commencing work.

A 4,500-seat multipurpose facility to be built near the central office is in the conceptual drawing phase. Board member Pat Pirkle suggested school officials consider building a swimming pool in this facility to accommodate a future competitive swim team. Superintendent Geye Hamby said that, although not much interest has been expressed by parents or students thus far, board members would consider building a pool at the multipurpose facility.

In other news, school officials gave the green light to the system's technology department to purchase about 200 more computers for Buford students. The purchases will be made after July 1 as part of the 2007-08 budget.

The price of a school lunch will go up 25 cents in coming school year. "With the cost of food going up, we'd end up $40,000 to $50,000 in the hole without this increase," Hamby said.