'Madam' skips media event

NORCROSS - Lisa Taylor, the alleged Sugarloaf "Mansion Madam," was a no-show at a press conference scheduled Friday at her attorney's Norcross office.

Instead, Taylor's attorney, Mark Issa, spoke on behalf of the 43-year-old adult entertainer, addressing the prostitution charges brought against his client and an indictment issued Wednesday.

"She's trying to keep herself busy, focused on what's going on in her regular life rather than what's in her legal life," Issa said.

Taylor and alleged accomplice Nicole Probert on Wednesday were indicted on charges of racketeering, keeping a place of prostitution, conspiracy to possess cocaine and prostitution.

Taylor, also known as Melissa Wolf, and Probert, known as Brigit Fox and Naughty Nikki, were arrested Jan. 3 after a tip from the Gwinnett Daily Post followed by an investigation into "The Erotic Review" Web site, which included reviews, discussion boards and price listings for sex. Both were set free on bond after a stint at the Gwinnett County Jail.

"I'm not surprised at all," Issa said of the grand jury's decision to indict the two. "We kinda knew where they were headed."

Issa also spoke of Taylor's work in adult films and said she has never tried to hide her involvement in adult entertainment.

"She's always indicated that she was involved in adult films," Issa said. "She has not backed down from that with shame because we all know that it's what she's done."

Issa said Taylor is planning to plead not guilty when the women appear in court at an arraignment hearing expected within the next 30 days.

Probert's attorney, Steve Sadow, said his client also plans to plead not guilty.

The attorneys said they believe evidence presented to the grand jury regarding the charges was obtained through illegal searches and seizures and wiretaps.

"We're looking forward to going into court and making the argument that this was illegally obtained," Sadow said previously. Sadow said a press conference with his client is not expected at this point.

Issa said he and Taylor have been planning ahead, preparing for their time in court as well as their actions if the evidence Issa presents does not end with a dismissal or not guilty verdict.

"You always plan ahead," Issa said. "I think there's going to be a lot of motions filed. I expect it to be a long and drawn-out hearing. You can go through a lot of 'what ifs.'"