Mansion Madams indicted

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett's notorious Mansion Madams were indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on charges involving an alleged sex ring at the Sugarloaf Country Club.

Evidence surrounding an alleged high-end prostitution business involving Lisa Ann Taylor, 43, and Nicole Probert, 30, was presented before the jury Wednesday and a total of seven bills were issued related to the case.

Taylor, also known as Melissa Wolf, and Probert, known as Brigit Fox and Naughty Nikki, were arrested Jan. 3 after a tip from the Gwinnett Daily Post followed by an investigation into "The Erotic Review" Web site, which included reviews, discussion boards and price listings for sex.

Both women were set free on bond in January after a stint at the Gwinnett County Jail on charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, prostitution, keeping a place of prostitution and conspiracy to possess cocaine. Taylor and Probert, who plan on entering not guilty pleas, according to their attorneys, were both indicted on the charges.

The pair are expected to appear in court at an arraignment hearing to enter their plea within the next 30 days, Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter said.

"I presented the evidence and the grand jury made their decision," Porter said. "I don't really have a comment, because every time I do comment that gives them publicity and I don't support that. I guess I did my talking (in court) today."

In addition to the prostitution-related allegations, Taylor was indicted on charges of possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana, while Probert was indicted on conspiracy to commit a crime and a second count of prostitution.

The bill accuses Probert of conspiring to and distributing cocaine and participating in a telephone conversation arranging the delivery and payment of drugs on December 2006.

Taylor, along with Charles Edwin Hill of Duluth and Mecoa Allen of Locust Grove, was also accused of conspiring to and distributing cocaine and calling an unknown man to arrange delivery of the drugs to Taylor's Sugarloaf Country Club home in Dec. 8.

Marc Alfred Garzon was also indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, reportedly conspiring to and distributing marijuana with Taylor along with arranging the delivery and payment for the drugs, the bill said.

One of Probert's alleged clients, Daniel Luigi Marfione of Atlanta, was also indicted Wednesday. According to the bill, Marfione solicited Probert to "perform an act of prostitution" at her Silverthorne Point home in Lawrenceville on Dec. 13.

Steve Sadow, Probert's attorney, said his client plans to plead not guilty to the charges named in the indictments.

"We intend to plead not guilty to both indictments," Sadow said. "And it's important that the good people of Gwinnett County know that we do not get the chance to take part in the grand jury process, and when this case is presented in court we expect a dismissal of the charges or a not guilty verdict will occur."

Sadow said he believes much of the evidence that was used to argue the charges against Probert was obtained through an illegal search and seizure and unlawful wire tap.

"We're looking forward to going into court and making the argument that this was illegally obtained," Sadow said of the evidence and charges at hand.

Taylor's attorney, Mark Issa, said Taylor also plans to enter a not guilty plea.

"Our job as defense attorneys is to make the state prove beyond reasonable doubt that these charges are true," Issa said. "My client has maintained her innocence throughout this and that is the plea she plans to enter."

Issa said he talked to Taylor after the indictments were announced but preferred not to comment on Taylor's thoughts. Issa said Taylor plans to hold a press conference Friday at his law offices in Norcross to talk about the charges.

"We're not surprised by these charges, she's not surprised," Issa said. "We thought they would be coming."