Letters to the Editor

Carter, Kennedy continue to make contributions to U.S. Dick Yarbrough's column last week ("Immigration reform is one hot topic in Ga.," Perspective, June 9) was at least a break from all the brick bats being thrown at the Bush administration and all of the presidential wannabes of both parties.

Dick chose to pick on noncandidates such as former president Jimmy Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy of Mass. Yarbrough seems to have a longstanding vendetta going against Carter and calls him "the king of bad presidents." Well, be that as it may, but I can't remember Carter even coming close to the current president in bringing such horror into our lives through his handling of the Iraqi invasion. I'll let the illegal immigration issue lie for now.

As for his attack on Kennedy, whom he constantly vilifies, Yarbrough eagerly reminds us of what happened at Chappaquidick 28 years ago when Kennedy drove his car off a bridge resulting in the drowning death of the woman who was with him. Kennedy was allegedly under the influence and was unable to save the woman. No charges were brought against him that I know of. The people of Massachusetts continue to re-elect the senator year after year, which obviously indicates their approval of his job performance. Yarbrough may as well take his teeth out of such well-worn bones and concentrate on the villains at hand. The canonization of Ronald Reagan by the party faithful is not transferable to the present Republican candidates, and every time they evoke his name, I can only say, "There they go again."

Carter and Kennedy have had their problems, but when all is said and done, they continue to make a difference to the welfare of this country.

George Morin

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