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Four men nabbed in sex sting

NORCROSS - Four men were arrested last week after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover police officer.

Ricardo Antonio Navarro, 25, of Lawrenceville, 29-year-old Jesus A. Peralta-Fernandez of Doraville, Juan Carlos Dominguez-Huerta, 29, of Tennessee, and Edmond Clifford Riddick of Norcross were charged with pandering after they offered to pay an undercover police officer for sex.

According a police report filed Wednesday, the men were arrested at separate times during the night of June 6 at a Metro PCS store in Norcross where the undercover officer met the men.

Navarro agreed to pay the female officer $20 in exchange for sex, while Peralta-Fernandez and Riddick offered $40 for sexual activity.

Dominguez-Huerta offered $100 in exchange for sex and the entire night with the woman, the report said.

A summer placeUpdate your vacation home with a few simple tips

It's only a week until summer officially begins, but we're willing to bet vacation is already on your mind. In fact, you may already be spending weekends at your second home.

Pools, transportation big issues at parks meeting

LAWRENCEVILLE - Mary Dykes is a DeKalb County resident who lives "spitting distance" from the Mountain Park Aquatic Center.

A kitchen can never have too many food-storage containers

Nester's Needs looks for innovative kitchen and home gadgets that are worth buying.

Curriculum change not helping U.K.

There are two ways to destroy a nation. One is from without by an invading military force. The other is from within when the people of the nation no longer embrace and promote the history, language and culture that brought it to prominence and power. Britain has chosen the second option, which is national suicide.

Wal-Mart struggling with rising theft

NEW YORK - Shoppers at Wal-Mart stores across America are loading carts with merchandise - maybe a flat-screen TV, a few DVDs and a six-pack of beer - and strolling out without paying. Employees also are helping themselves to goods they haven't paid for.

Gwinnett Tech offers classes for teachers in new technology

LAWRENCEVILLE - With the biotechnology industry experiencing a nationwide boom, Gwinnett Technical College wants to make sure Georgia is a part of the action.

In brief

Economy heads into summer with good momentum, helped by manufacturing

•WASHINGTON - The economy headed into the summer with better momentum, propelled by a manufacturing rebound and consumers who eagerly went shopping and sightseeing despite high gas prices.

Biotech Academy

Gwinnett Gab

Annandale Village awarded grants

LAWRENCEVILLE - Annandale Village has been awarded $15,000 in grants from the Jackson EMC Foundation.

Traps are ineffective in controlling Japanese beetles

Gardening in Gwinnett

In June, the Gwinnett County extension office receives numerous calls from homeowners concerning Japanese beetles eating their ornamental plants.

The adult beetles feed heavily on the fruit and foliage of more than 275 kinds of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. Their larvae (grubs) feed on the roots of turfgrasses in the fall. They are related to

June beetles, and they're brilliant, metallic-green insects with coppery brown forewings.

The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) was introduced into the United States in about 1916. According to the University of Georgia, they have since spread to infest much of the East Coast from Maine to northern Georgia, and inland as far as Indiana and eastern Kentucky.

In Georgia, these pests are found as far south as Macon and are abundant around the Atlanta area. Adult beetles emerge in May and June and remain active for four to six weeks. They lay eggs below the soil surface, the larvae hatch and migrate to turf root zones, where they begin to feed. They move deeper in the soil in the winter, and pupate in the early spring.

Having a drought during the egg-laying and larval hatching periods can kill many young grubs, but it's insufficient to keep population levels low enough to prevent damage to susceptible ornamental plants.

Often, people call the extension office asking about Japanese beetle traps. Unless many of the traps are concentrated in a specific area, they do not provide control. In fact, a single trap can attract large numbers of beetles, resulting in worse damage than if you didn't use traps at all. Placing a fine net over the susceptible plants can reduce the infestation.

Several chemical pesticides can be used to control the insects. Insecticides containing carbaryl, such as Sevin, and imidacloprid, such as Merit, are effective. Chemicals containing pyrethroid are slightly more persistent. Newer lawn and garden multi-insect products also are effective in controlling Japanese beetles.

Every garden needs a laughing spotgarden views

Should I have the audacity to tell you something, seemingly idiosyncratic, from a childhood tale? It's this - your landscape needs a laughing place.

What a silly concept, having a laughing place. At least it was silly until I grew up, until life grew in. The puzzle of everyone's life has happy pieces, but it's the unhappy pieces that find their diminishment in our private laughing places. Landscapes are the perfect canvas for creating as many laughing places as you desire.

Your laughing place might really make other people laugh, but don't you care. Flesh it out fully and no matter what you've done to create your laughing place, it will have an honesty, an integrity that will speak to all that enter. They may not copy what you do but they will get the message - "yes, I need a laughing place, too."

Your laughing place in the landscape might not even be a place to enter but a place to view from your office, bedroom or living room window. Remember, it's yours, you can do what you want. Let it begin from what makes you happy. Let it begin from where you spend a lot of time inside your home.

From those views, place focal points that make you smile. They should draw you in, drawing you out of yourself.

You might already have a laughing place but don't know it. Perhaps there is a grouping of shrubs and a tree that need proper pruning to create the garden-in-a-magazine "look." Looking into a garden with poor maintenance is hardly the idea of a laughing place.

Letters to the Editor

Carter, Kennedy continue to make contributions to U.S. Dick Yarbrough's column last week ("Immigration reform is one hot topic in Ga.," Perspective, June 9) was at least a break from all the brick bats being thrown at the Bush administration and all of the presidential wannabes of both parties.

Dick chose to pick on noncandidates such as former president Jimmy Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy of Mass. Yarbrough seems to have a longstanding vendetta going against Carter and calls him "the king of bad presidents." Well, be that as it may, but I can't remember Carter even coming close to the current president in bringing such horror into our lives through his handling of the Iraqi invasion. I'll let the illegal immigration issue lie for now.

As for his attack on Kennedy, whom he constantly vilifies, Yarbrough eagerly reminds us of what happened at Chappaquidick 28 years ago when Kennedy drove his car off a bridge resulting in the drowning death of the woman who was with him. Kennedy was allegedly under the influence and was unable to save the woman. No charges were brought against him that I know of. The people of Massachusetts continue to re-elect the senator year after year, which obviously indicates their approval of his job performance. Yarbrough may as well take his teeth out of such well-worn bones and concentrate on the villains at hand. The canonization of Ronald Reagan by the party faithful is not transferable to the present Republican candidates, and every time they evoke his name, I can only say, "There they go again."

Mansion Madams indicted

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett's notorious Mansion Madams were indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on charges involving an alleged sex ring at the Sugarloaf Country Club.

Evidence surrounding an alleged high-end prostitution business involving Lisa Ann Taylor, 43, and Nicole Probert, 30, was presented before the jury Wednesday and a total of seven bills were issued related to the case.

Taylor, also known as Melissa Wolf, and Probert, known as Brigit Fox and Naughty Nikki, were arrested Jan. 3 after a tip from the Gwinnett Daily Post followed by an investigation into "The Erotic Review" Web site, which included reviews, discussion boards and price listings for sex.

Both women were set free on bond in January after a stint at the Gwinnett County Jail on charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, prostitution, keeping a place of prostitution and conspiracy to possess cocaine. Taylor and Probert, who plan on entering not guilty pleas, according to their attorneys, were both indicted on the charges.

The pair are expected to appear in court at an arraignment hearing to enter their plea within the next 30 days, Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter said.

Luna Mccart

Luna Mae “Aunt Mae” Tuck McCart, age 90, of Loganville, died Tuesday, June 12, 2007. Funeral Services will be held 11:00 AM, Friday, June 15, 2007 in the ...

Dennis Bailey

Evans Funeral Home, Jefferson, Georgia, announces the death of Mr. Dennis Park Bailey, age 64, of Pendergrass, GA, who passed away on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 following an extended illness ...

Edith Thomas

Mrs. Edith Flury Thomas, 97, of Winder, GA went to be with the Lord on Wednesday, June 13, 2007. She is survived by her daughters, JoAnn T. Moore of Winder ...

Daniel Jackson

Mr. Daniel W. Jackson, age 50, of Hoschton, GA, died Tuesday, June 12, 2007. Mr. Jackson was Vice-President and General Manager of Georgia Precision Welding-Machining Inc., Buford. He ...

Rada Vukelja

Rada Vukelja, age 79 of Lawrenceville, passed away on Wednesday, June 13, 2007. Arrangements by Tim Stewart Funeral Home, 300 Simonton Road, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30056, 770-962-3100. Please sign online guest ...

Elizabeth Herndon

Elizabeth Buice Herndon, age 84 of Snellville, died Wednesday, June 13, 2007. Arrangements by Tim Stewart Funeral Home, 2246 Wisteria Drive, Snellville, Georgia 30078, 770-979-5010. Please sign online guest registry ...

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis, 21, of Lawrenceville, died June 11, 2007. Arrangements by Bill Head Funeral Homes & Crematory, Duluth Chapel, 770-476-2535.