Warrants issued in pot case

LAWRENCEVILLE - Warrants have been issued for the arrests of two people believed to be connected with the operation of a marijuana grow house.

Adrian Miguel Revuelta, 31, of Lawrenceville, and Gemma Suarez, 56, of Lawrenceville, are wanted for having in their possession items necessary for the manufacturing of marijuana, according to warrants for their arrest.

Police found numerous bags of the drugs inside Suarez's home located at 571 Waterstone Drive in Lawrenceville in March. The warrant said a grow lab was also found in the basement of the home complete with a "complex operation involving multiple ballasts, heat shields, air conditioners and other items."

The warrant said the drugs were found at the home on March 2, while warrants for the two arrests were filed last Thursday.

Revuelta and Suarez are also believed to be responsible for a similar grow lab at 920 Chimney Trace Way in Lawrenceville, the address listed as Revuelta's home on the warrant.

A large amount of marijuana was found March 1 inside the basement of the home with a number of ballasts and items used for growing the illegal plants.

According to the jail docket, the two have not yet been