Barrow BOE considers career plan

WINDER - The Barrow County School Board will consider implementing a local plan for career guidance and academic counseling in Tuesday's meeting. The plan outlines measures to establish high expectations for students and staff. It suggests actively engaging students in the learning process, revising career, technical and academic study programs and implementing a work-based learning program.

Construction updates

School board members will hear an update on construction projects.

Six-year-old Apalachee High School is in the midst of major renovations that will add 60,000 square feet and 35 classrooms. The new design will break up a jam in the center of

the school when

classes change. Renovations

should be complete fall 2008.

Winder-Barrow High School has undergone renovations for about one year.

The kitchen should be completed in August and students can expect to move into their new classrooms and gymnasium in November. All renovations should be finished on the

30-year-old school by summer 2008.

Auburn and Holsenbeck Elementary Schools are in various stages of renovations and repair. Statham Elementary is undergoing major classroom renovations.