78 bid officially awarded

LAWRENCEVILLE - The project to turn a reversible lane system on U.S. Highway 78 into one with a median was officially awarded Friday.

C.W. Matthews Contracting, the low bidder with a $31.5 million offer, was awarded the construction contract, Evermore Community Improvement District Director Brett Harrell said.

Nearly $30 million has been spent to acquire right of way for the Georgia Department of Transportation project, and the CID will contribute $4.8 million for landscaping and other improvements.

Two other companies bid for the opportunity to extend an intelligent transportation system into the area in addition to creating a raised median and eliminating the reversible lane.

The median project will start at East Park Place and continue to Ga. Highway 124. It is due to be completed Oct. 31, 2009.

It will be done in four phases, each of which is expected to take about six months. The first will go from the Gwinnett County line to East Park Place. The second phase will continue to Killian Hill Road, the third will go to Highpoint Road and the last one

will end at Ga. Highway 124.

Jessica Daron Court will also be extended, providing a parallel road, and sidewalks will be added. Street signs will also be illuminated.