Lunch concerts in Duluth a big draw

DULUTH - Eating lunch on blankets and listening to live music is a weekly tradition for many Duluth residents as the annual Brown Bag Lunch events continue.

Held Thursday afternoons, the weekly event is in its third year entertaining Duluth residents during their lunch breaks.

Live entertainment such as bands and choirs perform from noon to 1:30 pm at the town green.

"We just want to provide a fun place for people in Duluth," spokeswoman Alisa Williams said.

Williams, who has worked for the city for four years, was the city manager when she came up with the idea of combining lunch and free live entertainment during the week.

With a goal to help increase patrons to downtown Duluth businesses, Williams decided the town green would be the perfect place for the event to be held weekly as it was an already popular area for residents to visit.

Williams notes there has been a noticeable increase in businesses for restaurants around the town green every Thursday since residents are encouraged to buy their lunches from local businesses.

"It's been great," Williams said. "We have anywhere from 100 to 300 people on Thursdays. Most people are people with children."

Live entertainment consists of all local bands or groups. Williams always listens to a CD of the prospective performers before they are approved to perform.

"People refer performers to us or people find us," said Williams of the process of finding and booking performers.

The FBC Duluth Children's Choir along with fellow locals Geof Johnson and Steve McElroy have been some of the performers.