Construction on Dacula's brick plaza to begin soon

DACULA - Downtown Dacula is about to get many new additions in the form of personalized bricks.

The Dacula Business Association's commemorative brick fundraiser has been under way for two years and is about to be complete.

The Business Association originally began selling inscribed bricks to the Dacula community with hopes of funding a small downtown plaza that would surround a new clock. The plaza would be built with the inscribed bricks, which would serve as a personal connection between the project and the Dacula residents.

Unfortunately, the Business Association didn't raise enough funds for the town center clock. However, this was hardly a setback. The Business Association decided to go ahead with the original plan for the brick plaza, only without the clock.

The plaza will now consist of a planter and a bench and will display all of the bricks inscribed with various family names and businesses in the Dacula community.

"It's a way for people to make their mark on Dacula," said Janna Rookis, vice president of community interest for the Dacula Business Association.

Construction of this plaza is to begin in August and should be finished in late September. There are also plans for a garden area,in and around the brick plaza.

The plaza is going to be located in downtown Dacula, and the Business Association hopes this fixture will offer another incentive for people to visit the downtown area of the city.

"Hopefully, the bricks will bring attention to the downtown historic area of Dacula," said Rookis of the project.

For information of The Dacula Business Association, visit www.daculabusinessassociation.com.