Animal behavior
Stone Mountain Park gets new crew of guests

STONE MOUNTAIN - Stone Mountain Park has been a hot spot for animals this summer. Parrots, pigs, snakes and horses all have dropped by the park to meet kids and share a few tricks with audiences.

These animal visitors are a part of Animal Planet Summer Adventure. Stone Mountain Park has teamed up with Animal Planet in hopes of bringing park guests a unique summer experience.

The Summer Adventure includes a lineup of several shows, incorporating the featured animal's unique skills into an show that will entertain and educate audiences.

The "Wonders of Nature" show teaches the audience about unusual hawks, vultures, owls and a flying squirrel. The show's entertainment lies within the birds' (and squirrel's) unusual antics.

The Animal Planet Summer Adventure also incorporates Stone Mountain's natural beauty into the program.

"All the King's Horses" spotlights the agility and strength of Andalusian and Royal Lipizzaner stallions in the grassy public viewing area outside of the Antebellum Plantation.

The Summer Adventure is a family-oriented program, and especially targets kids. A popular fixture in the program is the "Animal Encounters" show, where kids are invited to meet several domestic and wild animals. These animals include nonpoisonous snakes, raccoons and even alligators.

Another show, "Leaping Livestock," also invites kids to meet and pet various farm animals, all within the charming farmyard in the Antebellum Plantation. Additionally, at this show, kids learn about animals' roles in 19th century plantation life.

The Animal Planet Summer Adventure started June 9 and concludes Aug. 5. The shows are offered daily, including weekends. The types of shows available varies, offering parkgoers a new, animal-filled experience with each day.