'He was the go-to man'
Buford local gets exhibit

BUFORD - One of Buford's historical characters is being spotlighted at The Buford Museum.

The museum has always housed pieces of Buford's past, but recently opened an exhibit dedicated to one of the city's favorite figures.

The Earley Biffle collection focuses on a notable man in Buford's history. Prior to his death in 2006, Biffle made many important contributions to the city, according to museum officials.

Biffle was born at the genesis of the depression, and had to join the work force early in his life to support his family. He worked several jobs, and by the time he was an adult, Biffle had accumulated skills in many different fields.

"He was the go-to man of the city," said Lynn Bowman, curator of the Museum of Buford. "If you couldn't get it done, he could."

As an adult, Biffle was a prominent figure in Buford. He was in charge of the electrical and water companies, and at one point, held the title of city manager.

"He was a local icon," Bowman said.

Biffle received several awards, certificates and other forms of recognition throughout his life, many of which are now on display at the Museum of Buford.

Along with significant papers and documents, the museum also features a bust of Biffle.

"Local folk comment on the bust," Bowman said. "They can't believe how much it looks like him."

The pieces are all on loan to the museum by Teresa Duncan, Biffle's daughter.

The Earley Biffle collection adds to the history on display at the Buford museum, and further educates the residents of Buford on the city's rich history.

"We are happy to have this collection," Bowman said. "The exhibit is indefinitely permanent."