Film Fans wowed by
the music in 'Hairspray'

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WOW! What a refreshing movie this was. It's a musical, which some will not like, but the humor and messages are priceless. I laughed so much, and the cast, surprisingly, was a great fit. Even though this was the first movie for Nikki Blonsky (who played Tracy Turnblad), you would not have guessed it. As for John Travolta, dressed as a woman, if your first thought is "this movie is really going to be funny," you are right on the money. A few political issues are addressed in the movie, but it covers them in a positive way, which some could learn from today. I'd sit through it again and I think anyone with an open mind will enjoy it.

- Kelly Cain, Lawrenceville

I am a big fan of the original "Hairspray," so I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time. I was not disappointed. Yes, this movie is based more on the Broadway version of the story and less on the original movie, but the heart of the story is still there. When I left the theater, my mouth hurt from smiling so much. The songs were great, the dancing even better and it has a great message, too. John Travolta even convinced me that he was a woman. If you don't leave this movie with a smile on your face, check your pulse!

- Laurel Grams, Lawrenceville

I loved the music in this musical. The set looked and felt much like the early '60s as well. The main thing that struck me funny was that the racial tensions, which were the biggest part of the plot, were not more acrimonious. Most of the adult white people were clueless, but the kids weren't. Speaking as a schoolteacher, I'm happy to say that the teacher's lounges are not like they were back then - full of smoke. I can also say that the detentions where I teach are not nearly as fun as they appeared to be in this school. Fortunately, most teachers are much better than the geography teacher seen here, as well.

- J. P. Zinn, Lawrenceville