Man charged with possession

LOGANVILLE - Police were called to Atmosphere, a Loganville bar, Sunday after employees thought they saw a man attempting to sell drugs to bar patrons.

According to a police report, officers found 23-year-old Matthew Davis House of Conyers at the bar on Athens Highway with a pocket full of 16 white and two black pills.

Officers described House as intoxicated. The 23-year-old said a friend sold him the pills, most of which he said were Lortab, but he was not trying to sell them that night.

House was charged with possession of drugs and incarcerated at the Gwinnett County Jail.

Residents find furniture in pool

LAWRENCEVILLE - Residents of two Gwinnett County subdivisions reported acts of vandalism at their pools Saturday, police reports said.

Residents of the Pool Creek subdivision on Marcia Drive in Lawrenceville told police someone entered the locked pool area and threw pool furniture and grills in the pool.

In a Dacula subdivision on Belfaire Trace a schoolteacher reported the same course of events.

The teacher and residents noticed chairs, tables and umbrellas had been thrown into the pool.

There are no suspects or witnesses in either incident.

Teens charged with trespassing

LILBURN - Two teens were arrested Saturday after a resident of a Lilburn neighborhood found the pair swimming in the subdivision's pool after hours.

Clinton Charles Ervin, 19 of Lawrenceville and 19-year-old Helen Hotoc of Lawrenceville told police they "just wanted to swim" and admitted entering the pool area although there were no lights on and no trespassing signs were posted, a police report said.

Neither teen lived at the Lilburn subdivision based on addresses given to police. Both were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

Man says dispute led to vandalism

BUFORD - A Buford man believes an ongoing dispute with a neighbor may have led to damage of his property and the injury of his dog, a police report said.

A resident said his neighbor complained his flood lights on Lake Mill Road were shining onto his property. Although the resident said he "re-aimed" his lights he later discovered many of his lights shot out by what a police officer believed to be a BB gun.

A window of the resident's home was also damaged by BB shots. The man also discovered a BB pellet in his dog's right shoulder that had to be removed by a veterinarian.

The resident is looking for the person responsible.

Father arrested after daughter says he beat her

BRASELTON - Braselton police arrested a father after his daughter told day care workers he spanked her with a stick.

Robert Cifizzari, 49, of Braselton, was arrested July 18 and charged with cruelty to children and battery.

A day earlier, the 6-year-old girl had misbehaved and created a scene because she wanted to stay at the day care center when her parent came to pick her up, according to Braselton Police Detective J.D. Gille.

The next day, she told workers that she was going to be good because her father would beat her again with a stick if she wasn't, police reports state. Police investigators and DFCS personnel found several bruises on the girl's buttocks and left leg, police reports state.

A day care worker told police the child had behavior problems.

Cifizzari is free on $7,700 bond.

Man wanted after alleged threat

with chain to boy

WINDER - Winder police took out a warrant for the arrest of Douglas Felker, 40, of Winder, after he allegedly threatened to hit an 11-year-old boy with a dog chain.

The boy went to Felker's house to see if he could spend the night with his friend, according to police reports. Felker told the boy to leave because he broke a bicycle the last time he spent the night, the report said. The boy went home, then returned to Felker's home and asked why couldn't he spend the night, since the bike was fixed and he was sorry, the report said. Felker allegedly pulled a chain from around his neck, stretched it out and told the boy he would hit him in the head with it, the report said. The boy's mother told police he ran home crying.

A Barrow County jail booking agent said Felker had not been picked up as of press time.

Woman says she bought crack to get it off street

WINDER - A woman who police caught with a chunk of crack cocaine told the officer she was trying to get it off the streets.

While on patrol, a Winder police officer saw Arnetta Richardson, 38, of Winder, walk into the roadway of East New Street and stop in the road. The officer pulled up behind her and asked her what was in her left hand.

Richardson dropped a chunk of suspected crack cocaine in the officer's hand and told him she bought it to get some of the drugs off the street.

Richardson was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Police reports state the substance tested positive as crack cocaine. Richardson remains in the Barrow County Jail under $5,000 bond.