LETTERS: Premature Iraq withdrawal would cripple Middle East

I am totally appalled by the liberal Democrats in the Senate who insisted on an all-night, known-to-be-fruitless attempt to require a troop withdrawl from Iraq by April. They were not content to wait until the agreed upon September date to get a progress report from our generals on the ground but opted to proclaim the troop surge strategy a failure less than 30 days after it was fully implemented. They are obviously frightened that the surge will result in measurable progress, leaving them looking like a collection of villiage idiots, some of whom are running for president.

If you think these civilian armchair military know-nothings are even remotely more competent to protect this nation from its enemies, terrorist or otherwise, I have a beautiful highway just north of Atlanta called the "Northern Arc" I would like to sell you at a ridiculously low price.

I wonder what Americans would have thought of a demand to "save American lives" by withdrawing from Europe during the WWII Battle of the Bulge where tens of thousands of American lives were lost in some three weeks. What a bunch of counterfeit patriots we have in our congress.

Unlike Vietnam, where our bugout did little harm strategically other than to leave some 800 American POWs to their fate, a similiar withdrawal from Iraq will have terrible consequences for us and the entire Middle East with its vast oil resources and havens for terrorists.