Vick allegations the latest actions that show him unfit to be community role model

The latest details of the dogfighting allegations against Michael Vick disgust me. What kind of monster straps insubordinate female dogs down in order to allow stronger male dogs to rape them?

Let's recount all the so-called notoriety Michael Vick has "blessed" the city of Atlanta with so far: there's the STD law suit, the incident in the Miami airport and who could forget Vick flipping off the entire stadium? Is this the kind of man we want the children of Atlanta to look up to?

Greg Brezina, Tommy Nobis, Jeff Van Note, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Tom Pridemore, Scott Case, Tim Green, Bobby Butler, Warrick Dunn, Keith Brooking - these are the Falcons I choose to honor as men of character who have demonstrated true leadership for the Falcons' franchise and who have earned my respect. Leadership has nothing to do with athletic ability - it's about character.

If not for his God-given athletic ability, Vick might already be incarcerated as the thug he appears to be - he certainly does not deserve to be heralded as a "leader" in our community.

The Terrell Owens saga illustrated some owners are willing to put up with embarrassing and demoralizing behavior just to win games. I am hoping Arthur Blank has more integrity than the rest of the bunch and will be the first owner to say: "Enough."

Distractions like the antics of T.O. are damaging enough to the team, but the allegations against Vick indicate true felonious criminal behavior and are damaging to our community as well. I will not be supporting the Falcons as long as Michael Vick remains at the helm, whether he is ultimately convicted or not.