Lake continues anniversary celebration with photo contest

By Christine Davis

Staff Intern

BUFORD - Lake Lanier is celebrating a big anniversary this year, and the lake goers are reaping the benefits.

The LakeLanier50 Committee has packed the summer full with contests and prizes to commemorate the lake's 50th anniversary.

Visitors to the lake have full access to a variety of opportunities to win everything from cash to a pair of Sea-Doos.

One of the many contests offered to the public is a lake-oriented photography contest, aptly titled 50 Years of Lake Lanier Photo Contest. Participants are asked to take pictures that fall into one of four categories; Lake Beauty, Fishing, Boating and Sailing, and Miscellaneous.

There is a $500 grand prize, for best picture overall, and several other cash prizes for category winners.

However, the goal of this contest is worth much more then a cash reward. Contest sponsors hope to get contest participants to really experience the natural allure of Lake Lanier.

"There are so many wonderful, picturesque scenes on the lake," said Pamela Keene, executive director of Marina Operators at Lake Lanier. "People can capture the beauty of the lake."

The contest was announced in April, and the deadline for entries is July 31.

"So far, we have a wonderful assortment of pictures," Keene said. "We've received entries from a good spectrum of people."

In addition to the photography challenge, Lake Lanier has other contests to get visitors involved in the 50th anniversary celebration.

The Wear It and Win giveaway asks participants to simply wear a Lake Lanier button, and then visit specific locations on corresponding days to receive a prize.

Lake goers can also register to win several grand prizes, such as a pair of Sea-Doos or a houseboat ride.

And, despite the drought, Keene said there is no reason to skip out a trip to Lake Lanier and miss these prizes.

"The lake is doing really well, even with the drought," Keene said. "There is plenty of water to go around for recreation, fishing, boating, and generally enjoying the lake."

For more information, visit www.lakelanier50.com.