Store cited for rodent infestation allowed to re-open

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville convenience store found to have a rodent infestation has corrected the problem and is allowed to sell food again, according to a news release from the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

The Shell Food Mart at 850 Scenic Highway was ordered Monday to stop the sale of food from the store after an inspection revealed fresh and dried rodent droppings, urine stains on packages of foods, a decomposed mouse on a glue board and live mice in the store. After a re-inspection Thursday, the store was given clearance to resume food sales, the news release said.

The news release states store owner Viral Pandya agreed to the following conditions after a conference with the agriculture department:

' A monetary penalty of $50,000, with $25,000 payable and $25,000 suspended provided he remains in compliance with department's rules and regulations during a two-year probationary period

' Quarterly inspections during the probationary period

' Development and implementation of a plan of action for controlling pests, including maintaining a current service contract or agreement with a licensed pest control company

' Development and implementation of a plan of action to outline proper food storage and handling procedures.