Sharpton says he wouldn't object to Imus' return

n NEW YORK - The Rev. Al Sharpton, who urged the firing of Don Imus, wouldn't object if the radio personality returned to the airwaves.

'He has a right to make a living,' he said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

Sharpton said he had not softened his views about Imus, who was dismissed from his syndicated program (simulcast on MSNBC) in April for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team 'nappy-headed hos.' But he added that, under the right conditions, the radio star's banishment could eventually end.

Leaders, legends join Mandela for his 89th birthday

n JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Nelson Mandela celebrated his 89th birthday Wednesday by joining with other Nobel peace laureates, politicians and development experts to form a 'council of elders' dedicated to fostering peace and resolving global crises.

The event kicked off with about 250 people, including former President Jimmy Carter, singing 'Happy Birthday' as a beaming Mandela took the stage, accompanied by an aide and leaning heavily on his cane.

Neighbor of Stewart writes protest song

n KATONAH, N.Y. - Like many wars before it, the one between Martha Stewart and some of her Westchester County neighbors has inspired a protest song.

Written by Katonah resident Marc Black, the song takes aim at Stewart's attempt to trademark the village's name for use on a line of furniture and home products.

That idea has outraged many residents, who say that no one should own the name 'Katonah,' and some American Indians, who say the name is taken from a beloved 17th-century tribal chief.

'The bottom line is, I'm just hoping, I think we all are, that Martha will hear the song,' Black said in a video posted on The Journal News Web site.