FBI analyst gets 10 years in jail

n NEWARK, N.J. - A former FBI intelligence analyst who worked under two vice presidents was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison for passing secret U.S. documents in an effort to topple the Philippine government.

Leandro Aragoncillo, 48, apologized in court for his actions and said he was just trying to help bring Filipinos out of poverty. Aragoncillo worked as a military aide to vice presidents Al Gore and Dick Cheney starting in the late 1990s before joining the FBI as a civilian employee at Fort Monmouth.

Supervisors start trash fire, burn down building

n FORT HILL, Pa. - A trash fire started by township supervisors burned down their municipal building, authorities said. No one was injured in the blaze Tuesday in Addison Township, but the building used for meetings, elections and as a garage was destroyed.

The supervisors had left the trash fire unattended and 'it caught some material behind the building on fire,' said Bill Barlow, chief of the Addison Volunteer Fire Co., about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Salad causes bomb scare

n PITTSBURGH, Pa. - It took a bomb-sniffing dog to figure out that a brown paper bag left in the bathroom of a government office building was just lunch.

The suspicious bag - containing a salad from a bagel shop - prompted security guards at the downtown building to evacuate the office of Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato and close a main courthouse entrance. The lockdown Tuesday lasted about an hour.

The bag was found in a women's bathroom on a shelf under a sink. A sheriff's deputy arrived with a bomb-sniffing dog and quickly discovered there was nothing explosive about the salad.

Iraq War debate delays action on anti-smoking bill

n WASHINGTON - A Senate committee on Wednesday postponed consideration of a bill that would put tobacco under Food and Drug Administration regulation despite objections that it's a misguided effort to reduce the dangers of smoking.

The bill, matched by identical House legislation, would give the FDA the same authority over cigarettes and other tobacco products that the regulatory agency now has over drugs, food, medical devices and other consumer products.

The bill has broad bipartisan support.