Back in Business
Vacant theater renovated as Stone Mountain Festival 6

The movies showing at Trademark Cinemas Stone Mountain Festival 6 are listed on a plain marquee above the theater's entrance, but without a tall neon sign to beckon customers from the road, it's hard to tell the long vacant theater is open for business.

Just in case there's any question, a small white sign in the corner of the ticket window reads "Yes, we're open!"

The former dollar theater, which sat vacant for years in the Stone Mountain Festival shopping center, reopened its doors in March as the renovated Stone Mountain Festival 6. Owned by Trademark Cinemas - a small theater chain of six theaters across the U.S., including one in Savannah - Festival 6 is making its mark with customers. The ones who manage to find it, at least.

"Although we get a lot of compliments from customers about our clean theaters, many people still do not know that we're open," said Jason Jenkins, assistant manager for Festival 6.

The theater sits right off U.S. Highway 78 in a highly visible spot. And its Stone Mountain location is great for residents in southern Gwinnett or northern DeKalb counties who, in the past, had to travel to cinemas in Snellville or Duluth to catch new releases on the big screen.

"The theater is in a great location and local residents don't have to travel far to go to the movies anymore," said T.J. Jarrells, the theater's general manager.

When most first-run theaters feature stadium seating and dozens of screens, though, what are the benefits of a small neighborhood theater like Festival 6?

"I like Trademark because it is like a small, close-knit family that provides great customer service," Jarrells said.

As part of a small chain, the theater is also able to offer special incentives for its customers, said Nick Merritt, another assistant manager at the theater. For example, on Bargain Tuesdays, moviegoers can catch a movie that's been in theaters for more than three weeks for just $5 all day.

With the cinema's free customer loyalty card, patrons get rewarded each time they visit. At every visit, customers get a stamp on their card - which is set up like a Monopoly game board. Every five visits, customers hit a "free popcorn" space, and after 25 visits, they win a free admission ticket for any movie playing at the theater.

"A lot of people are getting them," Merritt said. "It is good for them, to give them a reason to come back, and good for us, to know what they like."

For ultimate movie buffs, Trademark Cinemas will soon be introducing a Film Fanatic Program. Fans will be able to purchase a pass that gets two people into an unlimited number of movies at the theater for one year. The annual pass for two people will be sold for $375.

General theater admission is $8 for adults, $7 for students, and $6 for matinee shows before 6 p.m., for children under 11 years old and for members of the military with ID. Stone Mountain Festival 6 is located at 1825 Rockbridge Road in Stone Mountain.

For more information on showtimes or programs offered at Stone Mountain Festival 6, call 770-469-9000 or visit www.trademarkcinemas.com.