Dacula seeking residents to report on community

DACULA - This summer brought changes to the online headquarters for Dacula.

Before, the city's Web site provided Dacula residents with information about the city, contact numbers, and a calendar of upcoming events.

The Web site's format has now shifted from the basic layout, and the new page is interactive and provides many opportunities for residents to voice their opinions and ideas.

"As of June 1st, it became more of a portal type Web site," said Jimmy Wilbanks, mayor of Dacula.

The Web site includes open forums where residents can discuss happenings around Dacula.

Along with the resident forums, the Web site provides another unique opportunity for Dacula residents.

The site is opening the door for resident journalists.

This Web site encourages residents to report any newsworthy occurrences they witness.

The Web site states that resident journalism is important, because residents may be more aware of happenings in their city than a reporter. As a result, Dacula residents may be privy to information that would otherwise go unreported.

The citizen journalists will be able to post their reports via the Dacula Web site, and they can use a word format or they can capture the local news with a digital video camera.

The project just began, and as of now, Dacula residents have yet to get very involved.

"We just started this, so we haven't had any local journalists just yet," Wilbanks said.

For more information about citizen journalism in Dacula, visit the city's Web site; www.daculaga.gov.