Newest 'Die Hard' just as fun as the original

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3 1/2 OUT OF 4 STARS

What a ride! Any fan of action movies, and the "Die Hard" series in particular, is in for a fun time watching this movie. John McClane (Bruce Willis) may have aged, but he still has the same wisecracking attitude and character flaws that we enjoyed in the other three films - yippee-ki-yay. Justin Long is a great sidekick, and the exchanges he has with Willis had me laughing out loud. The bad guys this time are cyber-terrorists out to destroy our entire federal computer system. Some of the action scenes were a little far-fetched, but extremely entertaining. Not for kids, but lots of fun.

- Steve Kalberg, Lawrenceville


Bruce Willis reprises his role as John "Nine Lives" McClane with enthusiasm and is well-paired with Justin Long, the computer hacker. There are many great over-the-top action scenes with Willis, who manages to run from just about every bullet that comes his way. Comedy and sarcasm are well distributed throughout the movie and, along with the plentiful action, keep you on your toes.

The cinematography is excellent, the acrobatic action scenes are amazing and the flow of the film is right on target. Willis may not be the greatest actor, but he sure has a knack for choosing scripts. Despite being the fourth "Die Hard" installment, it still has steam to spare.

- Francine Benoit, Lawrenceville

3 1/2 OUT OF 4 STARS

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that the movie is full of violence, including explosions, chase scenes and gun fighting, as were the other "Die Hard" movies. The plot has been updated to the scenario of cyber-crime in the context of terrorism. Bruce Willis doesn't seem to have lost anything in the decade since his last role as Detective John McClane. He still does the right thing because there is no one else that can do it. It was what I expected and an enjoyable way to spend a couple hours in the air-conditioned comfort of the theater.

- J. P. Zinn, Lawrenceville