Carisma Gallery offers art camps for kids, date night for adults

What child wouldn't love to take a brush and splatter paint all over a truck? Such an outrageous activity will happen this week during "Color Outside the Lines," one of several special weekly art camps at Carisma Gallery in Buford.

Carisma has gotten on the creative kids bandwagon with a summer full of fun and imaginative activities under the umbrella name "Crystal Collage Children's Art Studio." Held in the atmospheric Carisma Gallery at 15 E. Main St., the camps offer children ages 4 and up some pretty unique projects that will stimulate young minds.

"Crystal Collage is a welcome addition to our gallery and perfectly complements our adult art classes," said Carisma co-owner Margaret Kolk. "The teachers associated with our studio are either certified art teachers or have had years of experience working with and teaching art to children of all ages."

During this week's camp, teacher Mavis Stephens will allow all those budding young artists to paint her truck. What's so cool is that this truck will be featured in the Historic Buford Holiday Parade in December. Stephens will divide her truck into 36 "squares," and each child can have a square to paint. When the truck has been properly decorated, students will move on to embellish other non-traditional objects.

The week of July 16-18 will feature artist and children's book author Barbara McGuire in a camp called "Adventures with Crazy Clay." This camp will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. during these three days.

"Making Marvelous Masterpieces" is the intriguing title for the camp of July 23-26. Taught by Jackie Ellett, students will explore a variety of painting mediums focusing on comparing the work of great painters from different eras. Campers will create their own van Gogh-like textured painting featuring Paul Klee animal imagery and using modeling paste on canvas. Finally, campers will make their own Michelangelo-inspired fresco landscape painting on real plaster.

The cost is $80 per camp session, and times vary according to the length of the camps. Interested parents are encouraged to call for specifics.

Now, what if Mom and Dad would like to enjoy a night out on the town of Buford, but they can't get a babysitter? Carisma Gallery has your answer.

Friday Night Date Night at Carisma allows parents to bring children ages 7 and up to the gallery for a fun-filled time of art projects. From 6 to 9 p.m., parents can stroll Main Street, dine and shop while the young ones have a blast with art and enjoy a snack, too.

The cost is $50 per child for the entire three hours, and $35 for the second or third child per session. Or, parents can pay $20 an hour for the first child, and $15 for the second and third little ones. Art supplies and snacks are included.

For more information on these activities, visit the Carisma Gallery Web site at www.carismahome.com or call 770-271-7501.

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