More than a house
Show about home repairs debuts on local channels

The first day on the set of "It's More Than a House," which is filmed in Gainesville, the mood was surprisingly relaxed. Of course, the stars and production crew for the home improvement show, which will make its debut on local public access cable channels in Gwinnett and Hall counties this month, wanted everything to go well. They're just not incredibly stressed about it.

"If we make a comedy of errors, we think that's what the audience will like," said Pauline Giles, director of the show.

During the first day of filming, there weren't that many mistakes, though co-host Tracy Tesmer did refer to listeners instead of viewers several times. That makes sense, though, given his extensive background in radio, and it was an error that could be quickly corrected.

Tesmer, a construction engineer, is the co-host of "To Fix It," a radio show about home repairs that airs on 640 AM.

On "It's More Than a House," Tesmer is the knowledgeable one, while his co-host Karen Allen is a home improvement novice.

The first episode of "It's More Than a House" covers bathroom trends. As it begins, Tesmer and Allen talk casually in the studio, introducing the show and its format. Then, the two go on location to a nearby plumbing supply store, which is one of the show's sponsors, for an up-close look at the latest bath and shower products.

"What we are doing is showing you how to make a house a home, because it's your refuge," Giles said.

Future episodes of the show could cover anything from kitchen remodels to mortgages, Giles said.

"It's More Than a House" is one of several shows produced at the offices of North Georgia Productions in Gainesville. The company also makes "North Georgia Gospel" and "Hall County Sports."

The idea for the home improvement show was developed in response to the changing demographics of Gainesville and the surrounding area.

"This market is growing. New homes are being built all around us," Giles said. "People coming into our area are looking for new ideas."

Giles, who is originally from Alabama, moved to Georgia in 1987. She's always had an interest in television.

"I made myself a promise that one day, no matter how old I was, I would open up a production company," Giles said.

In 2000, she began a production business in her house. "I had three bathrooms, and all of them were filled up with tripods and cameras," Giles said.

Two years ago, she moved her business out of her home. Today, her son Jimmy Giles is the president of North Georgia Productions. His wife, Tracy Giles, also works for the company.

Though "It's More Than a House" will only be shown on local cable channels to start with, Giles has big dreams for the series.

"I would love to see the show catch on and get syndicated and one day, maybe shop it to HGTV," she said.

She's also planning to make more television shows for local channels. "Folks are always interested in what's going on in their local community," Giles said.

SideBar: If You Watch

"It's More Than A House" will be shown on local cable access channels in Gwinnett and Hall counties. The show is scheduled to make its debut this month. For more information, call North Georgia Productions at 770-297-0528 or visit www.northgeorgiaproductions.com.