Company looking to add 150 jobs to Duluth office

DULUTH - A national company is looking to add 150 new positions to its Duluth office within the next 60 days, a move that would increase its staff by 25 percent and make it one of the larger employers in Gwinnett County.

Assurant Specialty Property employs 600 people and is adding the new positions because of a recent influx of business.

The company's main function is tracking mortgages and making sure property owners have the correct insurance.

Assurant Specialty Property's client base is primarily mortgage lenders, and one of its current clients recently acquired another lender. The move has added 1.5 million more loans to Assurant Specialty Property's portfolio, bringing the total number of loans the company tracks to more than 30 million.

Assurant Specialty Property hopes to be ready to service the new loans by Sept. 1, which means the company wants to add jobs in a hurry, spokesman Jim Sykes said.

"We're used to dealing with aggressive timelines when we acquire new business," Sykes said.

The company is seeking candidates for positions in mail services, data processing, quality assurance, customer service and management. Job descriptions and requirements can be found on the company's Web site at www.assurant.jobs. Candidates are also encouraged to submit their applications online.

Assurant Specialty Property has been in Duluth since 1999 and recently added 27,000 more square feet of office space (it already had 52,000 square feet) to make room for its growth.

Mortgage lenders outsource work such as hazard and flood insurance tracking, escrow disbursement, loss draft tracking and hazard insurance-related customer service to Assurant Specialty Property.

Sykes said his company may not be well known because it does so much behind the scenes work.

"We're a niche business," Sykes said. "We're not a Coca-Cola, AT&T or something like that, but we're the leader in our business. We have 65 percent market share and not too many companies can say that."


' Company: Assurant Specialty Property

' Location: 2405 Commerce Ave., Duluth

' Employees: 600

' What's going on: Adding another 150 employees

' For more information: Visit www.assurant.jobs