Neighborly love still lives in Duluth

Viewpoints: Susan Larson

I have one more neighbor story to tell and I know you're gonna' love it.

Dianne Chase, of Duluth, shared stories about her neighborhood that are almost too hard to believe. She wrote:

"I wanted to share with you the paradise where I have happily lived for seven years. Our neighbors are our family ... best of friends. We all watch out for each other and are there when one is in need. We celebrate together and we pray together. Here is just a little of what goes on here:

"Stanley has a tractor and will come plow all our lower backyards by the creek for our gardens. He has a multitude of tools and loans anything and everything, along with himself, to help you. Danny, my sweet electrician husband, has put in ceiling fans, lights, etc., for every neighbor around.

"Ms. Frannie is the best cook in town and is always sharing cakes, pies, cookies and homemade heaven from her oven. Bobby shares his okra and tomatoes with those who don't have them growing. Ray, with his young body and muscles, helps move furniture or whatever else anyone needs that requires a good strong young man.

"Our sweet neighbor from Korea shares sushi and other Korean dishes that will just make your mouth water. She doesn't speak any English. My granddaughters adore her. She visits and plays with us when they are here. We don't understand what each other says but we all laugh alike.

"Once I had a strange man come into my garage and knock on my back door. When I heard the doorknob and thought he was trying to get in, I pushed my alarm system button. Bobby, one house down, and Stanley, across the street, were here before this man could get back down my driveway - also here way before the police arrived. Where can you find better security than that?"

Chase also related a touching story about when Ms. Frannie lost her hair to chemotherapy.

"My goal in life that week was to find Ms. Frannie the cutest hats in town, and I, along with others, did."

But the most incredible part about this paradise neighborhood is that all this love and kindness extends even to vermin. Chase said, "One day, a snake found its way into Ms. Frannie's house and she saw it as she was vacuuming. Well, she just vacuumed that snake right up into her vacuum cleaner and then started hollering for a neighbor as she left the vacuum cleaner running so the snake couldn't get out. The neighbor came, turned off the vacuum cleaner and they took it outside. Out wiggled the little snake and all was fine."

All I want to know is, are there any houses for sale in this neighborhood?

Susan Larson is a Lilburn resident. E-mail her at susanlarson4@yahoo.com.