Thief raids concession stand

•LAWRENCEVILLE - A Rhodes Jordan Park foreman told police Thursday someone stole nearly $1,600 worth of baseball equipment and food from a park concession stand at 100 E. Crogan St.

According to a police report, someone entered the concession stand through a window taking with them baseball bats, food, clothes and a difibrullator.

Padlocks on the stand were broken.

Man robs Pizza Hut workers

•LAWRENCEVILLE - Two Pizza Hut employees were robbed Sunday morning as they left their store.

The two were carrying $6,000 they planned to deposit at a nearby bank for the business, according to a police report.

They were approached by a black man armed with a gun demanding money and threatening to shoot.

The man took the money and fled toward Cruse Road driving a silver, older model Chrysler.

Man calls police, gets arrested

•BRASELTON - Jonathan Steven Linville, 25, of Toccoa, was arrested Sunday on an outstanding warrant when he called Braselton police about another matter.

Linville parked his vehicle near a Dumpster at a local restaurant and went inside to work. Two other employees drove up and threw some trash in the Dumpster. The wind reportedly blew their door open, allegedly causing damage to the driver's side front quarter panel of Linville's vehicle.

Linville called police to make a damage report. While completing the report, the officer discovered a warrant for Linville on file with the Gainesville Police Department for probation violation.

Linville was arrested and turned over to Hall County sheriff's deputies.

Police track down mother after hospital incident

•WINDER - On Jan. 20, Winder police were sent to find a mother accused of kidnapping her child.

The mother took the child to Barrow Regional Medical Center for a mental examination at 10 a.m. Jan. 19, after the child allegedly attacked other children at a day care center. A doctor examined the child, judged it to have mental problems and signed a medical warrant for it to be admitted into a facility.

Police reports state the mother and child waited until about 1 p.m. Jan. 20 while officials searched for a hospital to admit the child. After reportedly waiting 27 hours at the hospital, the mother allegedly left with her child.

Hospital officials reported the incident to Winder police and the Barrow County Sheriff's Department as a kidnapping because the child was under the authority of a signed medical warrant.

Jefferson police found the mother and child and transported them to the county line where a Winder police officer took them.

No charges were pressed. The medical warrant was lifted and the child was allowed to leave with its father.

Teen accused of molestation

•WINDER - A 15-year-old boy was arrested Jan. 16 for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with his 4-year-old sister. The boy was transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center where he awaits a court hearing.

- From staff reports