Hollywood only honors liberal films

And the winner is - Al Gore for "An Inconvenient Truth"!

Take it to the bank, Al Gore's film will win the Academy Award for Best Documentary, and high-fives will be flying in Hollywood; George Clooney may even break dance in the aisle.

Gore's warning about global warming and the consequences thereof is in competition with four other films: one about wild and crazy Christian kids at "Jesus Camp," another dealing with the Catholic Church-pedophilia scandal, and two more about the chaos in Iraq. Gore wins without breaking a sweat, no pun intended.

But did you notice that all five of the nominated documentaries have left or secular themes? In general, conservatives are not rallying to Gore's hypothesis that fossil fuels are damaging the planet, although the right should keep an open mind on that strong possibility.

The two anti-Christian films are devastating. Writing in Variety, Ronnie Scheib says this about "Jesus Camp": "(The film) may shock viewers, especially political liberals, when it shows children speaking in tongues, their faces glowing with ecstasy and tears running down their cheeks."

And Robert Koehler's review of "Deliver Us from Evil" opines: "It's hard to imagine even devout Catholics coming away from the film without a sense of rage at a religion that appears to value members of the priesthood over the well-being of children."

Of course, the priest-pedophilia scandal has nothing to do with the Catholic "religion." Theology played no part in it. The scandal happened because evil men working inside the Catholic Church did evil things.

When Richard Nixon and his henchmen disgraced America, no sane person could blame it on the Constitution. It's the same thing with the Catholic scandal.

There is no question that Hollywood continues to pour out products designed to promote a secular society and boost liberal political positions. And the entertainment industry is a powerful colossus. Millions worldwide closely follow the attitudes and themes Hollywood puts forth.

So in the interest of being "fair and balanced," I challenge Hollywood to produce the following documentaries this year.

"Tiller the Baby Killer." A documentary profiling Kansas abortionist George Tiller, who, for $5,000, will abort a fetus up until birth.

"The Streets of San Francisco." A look at the thousands of homeless people, many addicted, who have flocked to the City by the Bay for free money and other perks the city bestows on them.

"Fidel Camp." This film chronicles the plight of thousands of "subversives" who are or have been incarcerated in dungeons because Fidel Castro doesn't like them. Talk about an inconvenient truth. Maybe Oliver Stone could direct this.

"The Kyoto Blues." An honest look at the "Kyoto Protocol," which, in order to blunt pollution, would require major economic changes in the U.S., but would allow massive pollution to continue in China and India. Is Al Gore available to narrate?

And "NBC and Me." A peek inside a once proud network news organization that now promotes a left-wing agenda on a daily basis. I'd like Whoopi Goldberg to voice over this one.

These are all high-concept, ready-to-roll subjects that are just waiting for some talented people in Hollywood to take them on. What say you, Steven Spielberg?

Veteran TV news anchor and author Bill O'Reilly is a host on Fox News. His "Radio Factor" can be heard weekdays from 1 to 3 p.m. on NewsTalk 1300 WIMO-AM.

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