Corps gets lake proposal

Lake Lanier Association requests level be raised

LAWRENCEVILLE - A proposal to raise Lake Lanier's water level by

2 feet has been received by the Army Corps of Engineers and will be considered with other public comments.

Pat Robbins, the Corps' chief of public affairs, said it's too early in the process to determine the plan's viability, but that the proposal that would increase the lake's full pool level from 1,071 feet to 1,073 feet will be heard.

"If someone has suggested it, we will certainly take a look at it," he said. "We'll definitely consider it."

The Lake Lanier Association sent a letter requesting the increase be considered to Col. Pete Taylor of the Army Corps of Engineers in Mobile, Ala., on Jan. 9. The letter was sent in response to request for comments regarding the Environmental Impact Statement for a proposed settlement that would dictate new water storage contracts in the lake.

Val Perry, the association's vice president, said a depth increase of

2 feet would add 25 billion gallons of water to the lake. On Friday, the lake level was 1,065.72 feet.

Robbins said as far as he knew, the lake level had always been 1,071 feet in the summer. He said within a few months the Corps would decide whether to model the proposal to determine the impact higher water levels would have on recreation, property and the environment.

"We haven't had a chance to evaluate the proposal yet," Robbins said. "We're just starting the process."

Jonathan Davis, Lake Lanier's operations project manager, said previously that the lake has been as high as 1,077 feet, where it stayed for a week in 1964. It can go as high as 1,085 feet to prevent flooding.