CID to host kickoff for Park Place Activity Center Study

SNELLVILLE - Brett Harrell likens the project to creating his own Livable Centers Initiative.

That study is usually guided and funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission, but Harrell, the executive director of the Highway 78 Community Improvement District, is ready to do his own for the district's Park Place area.

The Park Place Activity Center Study kicks off at 6 p.m. Monday, and Harrell said the more people who go, the more say they will have in the area's future.

The study will take two or three months, Harrell said, with a final plan due Aug. 1. It will analyze traffic patterns and land use to determine the best use for

the area.

"These are our anchors," Harrell said, referring to the Park Place area on one side and Snellville on the other. "Things are percolating down here. We'll see if we can't get some type of energy. If we have strong bookends, the middle will fill in."

Harrell said if residents in the area are able to get what they want in terms of traffic and amenities, it will encourage them to stay there.

"It might be a simple little fix," he said. "We'll learn what people who live and work there want."