Vandal makes grave mistake

Man gets trapped underneath headstone, admits to knocking over several others

LILBURN - A screaming voice was heard from a Lilburn graveyard for at least a couple of hours early Saturday morning.

But it wasn't a voice from the dead, it was the voice of a man whose broken leg was trapped under a headstone.

The trapped man, Ezekiel Dejesus-Rodriguez, 24, of Lilburn, had been knocking over headstones from a cemetery adjacent to Luxomni Baptist Church, according to a Lilburn police report.

According to the report, officers responded at 2:40 a.m. to the complaint of screaming, which was reportedly heard for about two hours.

Officers found the injured man lying on the ground. Dejesus-Rodriguez, who was bleeding from his broken leg and appeared to be going into shock, told the officers he had been stuck there for about three hours. He also told officers he could not feel his leg.

One of the officers used a floor jack to lift the headstone, and two others pulled Dejesus-Rodriguez from under it, according to the report. A Gwinnett County rescue engine arrived soon after.

Dejesus-Rodriguez, who admitted to the acts of vandalism, was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center, according to the police report.

He is charged with second-degree criminal damage to property.

The report said 10 headstones were found toppled, along with several flower pots that were thrown and broken.