Spice racks can help tame the wild cabinet

Any cook can tell you thatspices are the heart and soul of a kitchen. Pinches of pepper, dashes of dill or a touch of thyme can make even the most boring dish seem


The only problem is, a cabinet stocked full of bottles, shakers and jars creates a recipe for disorganized disaster. Sorting the spices into labeled containers and holding each in an individual cubby, spice racks restore order and provide extra space in counters and cabinets.

A sleek take on the standard spice rack, the M. Kamenstein Inc. Revolving Spice Tower sits on the counter and spins for easy access. The stainless steel tower holds 16 3-ounce glass jars and comes with a range of flavors, including basil, marjoram, thyme and pizza seasoning. Each jar is labeled and features a removable sifter top for measuring without fear of massive spillage. Priced at $29.95, the tower is available at retail home stores.

The whimsically designed Olde Thompson Ferris Wheel Spice Rack puts a new spin on organization and proves a playful, convenient addition to the counter. The 20-jar wheel is modeled after an old-world ferris wheel and lets users spin backward or forward to quickly find a desired spice. Each 3-ounce glass jar features a flip lid to allow for shaking or pouring. Pre-filled jars include cinnamon, paprika and parsley but are subject to change. The ferris wheel spice rack retails for $60 and is sold at home stores.

By eliminating spice jars, the Pro Spice Carousel from KitchenArt provides optimum and innovative spice storage. Instead of pouring or shaking, users click individual spice dispensers to release 1⁄4 teaspoon of a flavor. The dispensers can also pour for heavier doses or shake for light sprinklings.

The satin-finished steel carousel rotates for fast access. Need more than the 12 included spices? The carousel can handle that, with a mounting adapter making it stackable to double spice holdings. Retailing for $57.80, the carousel is available at retail stores and

on the Internet at www.kitchenart.com.

The Zero Gravity Magnetic spice rack is far from typical. Created by Zevro, the magnetic rack is designed so spice containers can be stored on both the top and bottom of each rack, meaning jars hang upside down. The wall-mounted design keeps jars in sight but out of the way.

Each canister features a window to indicate when a spice is getting low. A locking dispense mechanism on each jar means spices can be stored without spilling, but can still be poured or

sprinkled easily. The Zero Gravity spice rack is available in six- and 12-canister models, and each canister holds 12⁄3 ounces. Retailing for $35 and $59.99, the rack is available online at

Cooking.com and at retail stores.