Snellville officials opt out of Gwinnett stormwater utility

SNELLVILLE - The city of Snellville decided not to participate in Gwinnett County's recently implemented stormwater utility. As a result, Snellville and other cities who have opted out must either pay the county to prepare the annual MS4 report or have it done by a private consultant. The MS4 is an annual report required by the EPA.

Until Gwinnett established the stormwater utility, the county prepared an MS4 report for each city in Gwinnett. Now each city is charged a fee by the county for preparation of the report. Snellville would have paid approximately $200,000 to the county for the service.

Instead, City Manager Jeff Timler was given the go-ahead by mayor Jerry Oberholtzer and the City Council to find a private consultant to prepare the annual report. Integrated Science and Engineering, the company the city has chosen for the task, will prepare the MS4 report for $46,461, a savings of about $160,000 to the city.

Council votes to enact

redevelopment powers

By unanimous vote Monday night, council members voted to adopt a resolution enabling the city to hold a referendum to activate certain redevelopment powers for blighted or crime-ridden areas of the city. "At this time, we don't see this as a tool Snellville would use, but we support the right of cities to do so," said councilman Warren Auld.

"We are for redevelopment and revitalization through the use of a tax allocation district (TAD)," said councilman Bruce Garraway. Gwinnett county voters recently chose not to enact redevelopment powers, but cities, according to Auld and Garraway, should still have the right to make their own decision regarding tax allocation districts for redevelopment.

"This does not mean that we will have a referendum, but it gives out future mayors and councils the ability to do so," Oberholtzer said. Auld worded the compromise language found in the resolution.

City changes banks

Council members voted Monday to change the banking institution used by the city from BB&T to Suntrust.