Subway restaurant robbed

DULUTH - A Subway restaurant employee told police an unknown man robbed the store Wednesday night.

According to a police report, a black man armed with a gun entered the store and demanded the employee give him money from the register.

The woman working told police the man jumped over the checkout counter and demanded the surveillance video and a key to the store's safe. The man fled the store with $600 to $700 after the woman told him she did not have access to a safe or the surveillance tapes.

Man demands money, wallet

DULUTH - A 23-year-old man told police Wednesday he was targeted by a would-be thief while walking outside the Duluth Prescott Apartments.

According to a police report, the man was approached from behind by a black man wearing a mask and armed with a handgun. The man demanded the victim's money and wallet.

The man fled up some nearby stairs when the victim refused to hand over his belongings, according to the report.

The victim told police he believed his attacker was between the ages of 16 and 20 years old.

Two men rob gas station in Norcross

NORCROSS - Police continue to look for two men who robbed the Shell gas station at 5500 Spalding Drive in Norcross Wednesday night.

According to a police report, two black men with bandanas covering their faces entered the store and demanded the cashier give them money from the register. The cashier told police they threatened to shoot her when she struggled to open the register.

The men fled out the back door of the store after taking with them a register drawer believed to contain about $80.


Woman accused of trying to steal wallet

WINDER - A man said he woke up in his home Thursday to find a woman attempting to take his wallet from his pocket.

The man told police he had hidden his wallet before he went to sleep. When the man woke up, police reports said, 48-year-old Winder resident Barbara Jackson assaulted him and bit him on his left eyebrow.

The man was treated at Barrow Regional Hospital, and Jackson was arrested on battery and burglary charges.

Dog missing from home

WINDER - On Thursday, a man reported his dog missing from its runner line at his home.

The man said his home had been broken into twice in the past week. He told police he believed someone turned his dog loose so they could break in his home again.

Copper stolen from air conditioning units

WINDER - More than $6,800 worth of damage was reportedly done to machines at Lanthier Heating and Air by someone taking copper from inside them.

About 10 used heating and air conditioning units had been stripped and their copper removed, according to police reports. They were reportedly valued at about $6,000, the reports said.

A new unit, reportedly valued at $800, had allegedly been stripped, as well as two welders and a Coke machine that had been on the property for about 30 years, police reports said.

Police serve 3 out-of-state warrants

WINDER - Winder Police Lt. Dennis Dorsey said officers served three out-of-state warrants in the past week, two on the same day. The warrants originated in Florida, New York and Virginia.

"We can go 6 to 8 months without serving an out-of-state warrant," Dorsey said.

- From staff reports